Here Are Your Body Image Dos and Don’ts

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While you may not always be conscious of it, we all have body image, which is essentially our self-perception of our own attractiveness. Body image depends on not just how you view yourself, but also how other people view you. While body image may seem like something that would be static, it is actually dynamic. We contribute to our body image every single day, so your body image can be positive one day and negative the next. Individuals who have a healthy body image are able to perceive themselves accurately and feel content about how they look.

Unfortunately, creating a healthy body image is much easier said than done. If your body image could use some work, here are some body image do’s and don’ts you should keep in mind throughout your journey toward a more positive body image.


Pamper yourself. Don’t be afraid to do something nice for yourself and your body. Take a bubble bath or a long and steamy shower. Have a spa day or get a manicure and pedicure. Get a treat for yourself that you normally wouldn’t buy. Sometimes, it is important to do whatever makes you happy. While it’s important to pursue your goals and delay gratification, sometimes you need to take a break and make yourself happy. If you’re not happy, it’s nearly impossible to have a positive body image.

Reach out to loving and supporting people. Undoubtedly, it can be difficult to have a positive body image due to all that society demands of us. Fortunately, you will have an easier time dealing with the demands of society as long as you have a support system consisting of loving and supporting individuals. The people who are part of your support system should appreciate you for the things about you that are not visible to the eyes.


Compare yourself to other people and images from the media. Undoubtedly, comparing yourself to others is almost always negative for the body image. This is particularly true if you compare yourself to images in the media. Most of the images broadcasted by the media were crafted and edited to suit the conventional beauty standards of our society. While this editing and crafting is excellent for advertising, it causes people to have unrealistic expectations for themselves in terms of physical beauty.

Forget about the wonders of your body, both physically and mentally. It is important that you always remember to appreciate and celebrate your unique abilities and the qualities that make you special. This will help you remember that you are far more than what you see in the mirror.

Try to change your body for other people. You should never feel that you need to change who you are to please someone else. The desire to change your body should only come from within.

A positive body image is not something you can develop in just a day. Fortunately, as long as you keep in mind these do’s and don’ts, you should be able to develop a healthy body image with time.

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