Three Things We Can Learn About Business Success From Drew Barrymore



Some of the largest success stories in business have occurred because the owners dared to take a chance on something. Drew Barrymore is no different. The gorgeous actress, entrepreneur, and author took many risks during her lifetime, which is why she is so successful long after being murdered in the “Scream” movie in 1996. Drew discussed her success with  Levo and gave aspiring business women some tips for success.

One of the tips that she gave women who were thinking about starting businesses was to ignore their age.
Many women get stuck on their number and almost quit trying to succeed after age 40. Success can happen at any time, and one can break into an entirely new field after a lifetime of doing something completely different. Drew has shown the world that such is possible with the many areas in which she has succeeded over the years.

Drew also advised women to choose something that they are passionate about and use that in their business model.
Passion is the key to long-term success and an attitude to dedication. People naturally succeed more when they feel a burning passionate in their guts for something that they are going to make a project out of.

Staying positive and working with others was another tip that ambitious women can take out of Drew’s book.
To achieve something great, the person must first believe that he or she can achieve it. Success comes when that person’s efforts bring him or her closer to that goal. Nothing is impossible if a person puts his or her faith in the right entity.

Drew is quite an inspiration for women who want to have lucrative long-term ventures and investments. Ambitious people are urged to look at Drew’s long career and try to imitate it in the success category.

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