Unexpected Aspects of Bonding With Your Baby


When you are about to bring home your new baby, there are many things that you are expecting. Many of these expectations turn out to be realized. However, there are also many things that happen that you would not have expected. Though women have been becoming mothers and taking care of new babies for as long as anyone can look back at the human race, there are many things about motherhood that a lot of women may not expect.

For one thing, your job as a mother starts right away. It starts right at the time when you’re more tired than you have ever been. Soon after giving birth to your baby, you will have to take your child home and take care of him or her. There will be times when all you want to do is sleep, but your child is not going to let you. When you do have a chance to take it easy, grab onto it.

Also, there will be times when you are frustrated by just how difficult taking care of the baby is. Even though there is plenty of advice out there that would have you believe that it is possible for motherhood to be easy, there will be times when you just feel completely lost and like there is no end in sight to the misery. For example, you might think the Internet can help you get your child to sleep, but you could possibly find out that none of the advice is working, and you have to just deal with a screaming child who won’t sleep so that you can.

You may have been told throughout your life about how amazing the bond is between a mother and her baby.You may have been told that your child is already bonded to you and already knows you because you spent nine months with the baby inside of you. However, this does not necessarily translate to an instant bond with your baby once you have to be a mother. Your baby does not love or appreciate you and does not yet have the capacity to show affection or gratitude, even though you are spending so much time and energy with the child. You are both exhausted. It may be possible that you are not instantly enamored with the life that you have created, even though it seems like everyone around you expects you to be. It is important that you know that that’s okay. You do not need to feel guilty for not instantly being completely in love with your child.

You will also likely wonder if anything will ever be normal again. From the way you look to your relationship with your spouse to the state of your home. The truth is that it is possible that none of these things will ever go back to the way they were, and that is a loss you may have to grieve. However, you will likely find it to be worth it, as many mothers do when they fully embrace their love for their children. There will likely come a time when everything starts to click and your baby brings you a happiness you never felt before and you understand why people keep having children – it just may take some time to happen.

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