7 Unrealistic Resolutions for a New Mother


A new mother experiences¬†significant amounts of pressure from all directions, from society’s expectations to well-intentioned family members offering advice. Since the beginning of 2016, you have probably felt the pressure to achieve the goals you set for yourself, but life as a mother often makes those things difficult. Impractical goals only set you back, so be sure to avoid setting these seven unrealistic resolutions.

1.¬†Full Night’s Sleep
As any new mother can tell you, sleep is a rare commodity when you have an infant who doesn’t sleep through the night. The pressure to get a full eight hours of sleep can lead to stress on its own, so set more realistic sleep goals and rest whenever you can.

2. Early Start
When you finally manage to get your little one to sleep, it might be the time you were hoping to wake up. Know that schedule changes are a natural part of those early days of motherhood and cut yourself some slack when it comes to starting your day. Sometimes getting dressed by noon and starting a pot of coffee is enough of an achievement.

3. Cooking
Whether you are a gourmet chef or simply like to eat healthily when you can, making a basic meal can turn into a major challenge with a newborn in the house. Too many new mothers make the mistake of pressuring themselves to get back to cooking a full meal right away. Finding healthy yet practical meals that can be prepared in a few minutes is the key to setting realistic food-related goals.

4. Date Night
Expectations of date night and quality time typically have to change once the baby arrives. You can manage your expectations by setting aside a chunk of time and having a trusted babysitter look after your little one while you and your partner have a much-needed break, but don’t feel guilty if your weekly date night turns into a monthly event.

5. Staying in Touch with Friends
Motherhood makes you busier, which can lead to feelings of isolation from your friends and family. Many new moms feel guilty for not having the energy to stay in contact with friends as they once did, but an at-home lunch date can be a practical way to socialize without stretching your time even thinner.

6. Cleaning the House
Even the neatest person can find her house in chaos in the months after giving birth. Whether you simply don’t have the time to clean between feedings and trying to get your baby to sleep or you don’t have the energy, remember that it takes some time to get back into your daily routine.

7. Scrapbooking
From Pinterest boards to traditional scrapbooking, new moms feel the pressure to catalog baby’s every memory for the years to come. Sometimes life gets in the way of record-keeping, so remember that it is okay to simply enjoy those moments as they come.

These seven resolutions can be overwhelming for a new mother, so it is important to remember that you don’t have to accomplish them all at once. Eventually, life will regain a manageable pace, but the best thing you can do for yourself now is to set realistic goals and be patient when it takes time to achieve them.

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