8 Foods Gwyneth Paltrow Won’t Eat

Gwyneth Paltrow

Like many celebrities, Gwyneth Paltrow relies on the expertise of Dr. Frank Lipman to guide her along the path to a healthy lifestyle. Gwenyth is known for following strict rules when it comes to eating, and she is always concerned about foods that are harmful to your body. Dr. Lipman has created a list of the 8 most harmful foods when it comes to living a healthy life. He has taught Gwyneth that the following 8 foods should be avoided.

1. Eat Less Sugar
While sugar tastes great, a little bit of sugar goes a long way. Sugar adds empty calories to your food, causes your blood sugar to rise and fall rapidly, and makes you gain weight quickly. In addition, sugar can cause inflammation in your body, which can result in overall stiffness and pain. Sugar isn’t good for you and it’s important to minimize the use of sugar.

2. Processed Foods Do Nothing for You
Processed foods offer little to no nutritional value, and should be avoided when you want to live a healthy lifestyle. When you want to get your nutrients from the foods that you eat, you have to eat fresh meals that are prepared without preservatives.

3. Genetically Modified Corn Could Cause Harm
Large studies of the harmful effects of genetically modified corn have not been conducted yet, but small studies are showing that the consumption of genetically modified corn has caused an increase in cancer among rats. Most corn is genetically modified, and corn is not deemed safe by Dr. Lipman.

4. Paltrow Doesn’t Eat Gluten Either
Gluten is a protein that is in certain grains, and it can cause significant problems for people suffering from Celiac Disease of gluten intolerance. If you are diagnosed with Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance, then gluten is harmful to you. If you don’t have a sensitivity to gluten, there is no reason to stay away from it.

5. Soy. Seriously.
Just when you thought you could eat all of the tofu you wanted, Dr. Lipman regards soy as dangerous as most soy is genetically modified.

6. Meat and Fish Raised on a Farm
While wild fish and meat is safe for most people, eating fish and meat raised on a farm where they are fed corn and injected with antibiotics and hormones is deemed harmful by Dr. Lipman.

7. Juicing Fruits and Vegetables
When you drink fruit and vegetable juice, it’s comparable to drinking a large glass of sugar. Without the skin that whole fruits and vegetables provide, fruits and vegetables that are juiced can cause major blood sugar spikes. Eat your fruits and vegetables whole instead.

8. Granola Bars and Cereals
While some cereals can be healthy for you, it’s important to look at the sugar content that is added. Depicted as healthy for you, granola bars and cereal are often full of carbohydrates and sugar that you don’t need.

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