Only 10% of Americans Can Identify All 15 Of These Iconic Women


These are some of the most iconic women in history. Yet 90% of US adults cannot identify all of them. Some are easy and some are difficult. Where do you stand? Join 153,472 others that have taken this quiz. At the end, we will calculate your results and email them to you directly for your […]

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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier


Getting kids to eat healthier is a common issue for many parents. Arguing with your kids to get them to eat healthier likely results in leaving you stressed, them angry and even less likely to eat what is in front of them. These 5 easy ways to get your kids to eat healthier offers simple […]


Three Things We Can Learn About Business Success From Drew Barrymore


  Some of the largest success stories in business have occurred because the owners dared to take a chance on something. Drew Barrymore is no different. The gorgeous actress, entrepreneur, and author took many risks during her lifetime, which is why she is so successful long after being murdered in the “Scream” movie in 1996. […]


Here Are Your Body Image Dos and Don’ts

11900499 - carefree woman dancing in the sunset on the beach. vacation vitality healthy living concept

While you may not always be conscious of it, we all have body image, which is essentially our self-perception of our own attractiveness. Body image depends on not just how you view yourself, but also how other people view you. While body image may seem like something that would be static, it is actually dynamic. We contribute […]

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11 Absolutely Marvelous Ways to Paint Your Nails For Any Occasion


These 11 nail art ideas are perfect for adding a fresh feel to your holiday style. From rich fall hues to festive designs, each of these looks is easy to master and fun to wear. 1. Stripes Striped nails are all the rage right now and you can blend this simple design with any seasonal […]