Exercise Tips from Fit Moms


Being a mom and finding time to exercise can be tough. Many moms are constantly busy, so figuring out how to fit enough exercise into their lives isn’t a priority. Fortunately, fit moms everywhere are happy to share their secrets! They know how to find time to stay in shape even in the middle of a jam packed schedule.

1. Make time before meals.
If you have older  children, let them do a little basic meal prep for you like peeling vegetables or getting the ingredients for a dish from the fridge while you get in some time on the exercise bike.

2. Condense your workout.
Longer isn’t necessary better when it comes to a workout. Here’s a scientific seven minute workout that’s been shown to help keep people in great shape.

3. Get up just a little earlier.
Set that alarm clock just ten minutes early. Take the time to workout on a personal trampoline. You’ll feel more invigorated and fully prepared for the rest of the day.

4. Adopt a dog so you can walk him.
Owning a dog makes the kids happy. It gives you an incentive to spend time taking a quick walk each day outside.

5. Make it a family affair.
Bring the kids along. You get quality time with them and exercise at the same time.

6. Watch kids while exercising.
Even if your kids prefer to stay indoors, let them watch a video while you work. They’ll get inspired to join you soon enough.

7. Exercise in the shower.
Just five minutes a day can help you feel great.

8. Walk to work.
A fast walk will leave you ready to start work immediately and help you save on commuting costs.

9. Or bike to work.
Many companies are happy to let you park your bike in an unused company space. 

10. Do three ten minute intervals.
It’s just as as effective as a thirty minute workout. 

11. Use free weights for a quick workout.
Keep two five pounds weights in your desk for exercise breaks. 

12. Get hubby involved.
Both of you will feel more motivated this way. 

13. Join a health club. 
You’ll feel the need to get your money’s work so you will workout more. Look for clubs with weekend and evening hours. 

14. Make one weekend day exercise day.
A Sunday or Saturday can serve as a supplemental when you haven’t been able find any other workout times. 

15. Walk places rather than driving.
Take a walk to the library or explore a nearby park. They’re closer than you think. 

16. Exercise while eating on a bike or while taking a walk.
Have a quick snack when you’re on that exercise bike. You’ll get to multi-task and use your time effectively as well. 

17. Make love more often.
Believe it or not, making love can be excellent exercise. Cuddle up to your partner at least twice a week and you’ll both benefit from a really fun workout. 

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