9 DIY Ways To Be Your Own Masseuse


If you’re waking up tight in the neck and shoulders, or if you’ve got a heavy work or exercise routine that’s got you aching on a regular basis, there’s more you can do than run off to a chiropractor or masseuse.

There is an innumerable amount of ways that you can work out aches and pains the Do It Yourself way. Let’s face it, the pros can be expensive, and if you’ve got the DIY spirit and love to save time and money as well as learn to be more self-reliant, we’ve got some terrific home massage techniques you can use on your own to become your own professional massage therapist.

Head & Scalp

1. You can start by treating yourself to a scalp massage by using your fingers to press your scalp upwards toward the ceiling and then letting go. Work this way all around your scalp to give yourselves an out of sight head massage.

2. For those stubborn tension headaches, lay down on the floor with your knees bent. Hold tennis balls in your hands and rest the base of your skull on the tennis balls. Rotate your head side-to-side, up and down and feel the tension melt away.

3. Do you have a problem with grinding your teeth during sleep? If you do, this is sure to help! Press your fingertips beneath your cheekbones and open your mouth, moving your fingers up and down your face. This will relieve tension in your jaw, making teeth grinding less intense or ending the habit altogether.

Upper Body

4. First, stretch your forearm out on your thigh, palm facing up. Using the heel of your opposite hand to press down firmly on your arm, moving in the direction of your wrist.

5. Placing a tennis ball between the wall and your neck, shift your head side-to-side for an excellent neck massage. It may sound strange, but it works wonders.

6. If you live with back pain, invest in a foam roller. Lie face up, on the roller and simply roll forward and backward moving the roller from your upper to middle back.

Lower Body

7. Roll a tennis ball or a foam roller over the tops of your tops your thighs. This will loosen up those tight quadriceps muscles. You may also simply use the heels of your hands.

8. Roll a foam roller up and down your hamstrings and calves to relieve tension in those areas.

9. After a long day standing and working on your feet, a nice foot massage can be just the right thing. Sit and place a tennis ball under each foot. Move your feet around while keeping the pressure on the balls to massage the sole of your feet thoroughly.

These may seem simple and easy to do on a shoestring budget. That’s because they are. These routines can be an excellent supplement to regular chiropractic care, or they can just be your own quick and easy way to feel better at the end of the day. Either way, you’ll save money and feel great!

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