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7 Unrealistic Resolutions for a New Mother


A new mother experiences significant amounts of pressure from all directions, from society’s expectations to well-intentioned family members offering advice. Since the beginning of 2016, you have probably felt the pressure to achieve the goals you set for yourself, but life as a mother often makes those things difficult. Impractical goals only set you back, so […]


Unexpected Aspects of Bonding With Your Baby


When you are about to bring home your new baby, there are many things that you are expecting. Many of these expectations turn out to be realized. However, there are also many things that happen that you would not have expected. Though women have been becoming mothers and taking care of new babies for as long […]

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What We Need Are More Female Entrepreneurs


Female entrepreneurs are changing the face of business in industries around the world. According to a Quantum Leaps report, women-owned companies and firms could create millions of new jobs in the United States alone. The lack of women in entrepreneurship is a problem affecting all 50 states, and it is especially pressing when you factor […]

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Five Easy Ways to Be Healthy Today


It’s difficult to be healthy these days, with so many tempting foods available everywhere you look. The fact that everybody is so busy means that it is difficult to find time to exercise. The combination of these two factors makes it easy to understand why many Americans are trying to lose a little weight. If […]

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10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Having My First Baby


When I was preparing to have my first baby, I was sure that I was ready. I had read all of the books, taken all of the classes, and gotten the nursery completely ready for our little one to make her appearance. However, it did not matter how much I studied and prepared, there were […]